Become a sponsor

All sponsorship now found, thanks for your interest.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a tech event, I’m involved with BarCamp Brighton 2 which will take place early next year, please get in touch if you’d like to sponsor that –

We have a sponsor for the venue for Hack Day, and for the stickers, but we still need one to cover the other cost: food.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please get in touch with Paul Silver –

Sponsorship gives you:

  • Exposure to 80 enthusiastic developers and designers on the day
  • Link + thank you from Hack Day site (this site)
  • Logo on Hack Day blog sidebar
  • Company mentioned at start of day, close of day
  • You can provide signage for display during the event
  • You can offer schwag/literature/etc at the event, which will be in the cafe/chill out area
  • You are welcome to advertise your support any way you like
  • We’ll reserve five tickets per sponsor (pro-rata if split, i.e. two food sponsors.)
  • Sticker in stickerbook (if signed up by Thursday 1st November)

All attendees will receive a small book of stickers which are part of organising the event. Each sponsor will get a sticker of their own design – this could be a company logo, or something promoting a product or bit of fun. The stickers will come from Moo and we can provide exact details to your designers.

We need around £400 to cover a snack lunch and soft drinks. Potentially this can be split between a couple of sponsors.

If you’d like to sponsor Hack Day, please get in touch.