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What is the Farm Hack Day?

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

A ‘Hack Day’ is a gathering of developers, designers and general techie-types where people make new things, for instance new websites, apps, widgets or thingumees (OK, I made up that last one.) It’s basically a chance to get together, make something cool, show off techniques, and have some fun.

The Brighton Hack Day is being organised by Paul Silver and other members of Brighton Farm, a freelancers networking group. It’s part of the Digital Festival happening in Brighton across November.

It’s a free event, supported by sponsors. It’s happening at the Brighthelm Centre on Saturday 17th November. There are limited spaces (80) and we’ll be opening ticketing in a week or two, keep watching this blog for an announcement on that, or mail and I’ll make sure you’re given a heads up.